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Life’s never easy. Complicated should be my middle name. I didn’t expect my life to pan out quite this way—a single dad with a crazy-ass ex—but I got used to it. I live my life for my son while taking over the family empire my father has all but walked away from. Nothing else in the world matters…

Until she walks into my hotel armed with sass, flair and a show-stopping smile.

Summer O’Shea makes me forget all the reasons I should distance myself from any more complications. The more time we spend together, the harder it is to resist her charm. All of a sudden, complicated doesn’t sound all that bad.

When I moved to LA, I had one goal: graduate design school and make a career for myself.
Turns out that the City of Stars requires more than a small town savings account. Working as a bartender in Beverly Hills isn’t all that bad…it should be pretty simple…

Except for him. Dedicated father. Hands on boss. Smoking hot. Totally off-limits.

Parker Hawthorne is everything I can’t resist. One look and I’m gone. Head over heels and
heart over head.

It’s too bad that the heart doesn’t always get what it wants.

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