Title: Deception
Series: Sinful Legacy
Release Date:

From USA Today Bestselling Author Alexandra Silva comes an enemies-to-lovers, mafia meets secret society romance packed with forbidden longing, action and steam.

Tomasz Vassily is a criminal. A Bratva prince I was sent to kill.

But the beast was one step ahead. His force is unlike anything I’ve ever encountered. Beautiful on the outside and deadly on the inside, he sees through my ruse even in the dark.

In the blink of an eye, killer becomes captive, and target becomes captor.

Now I’m caged by his violence and prey to his mind games. Day after day, he taunts me with his ruthless cruelty. But I’m more than a killer. I’m a survivor.

Self-preservation says I should fear him. Loyalty to my family says I should hate him. Somehow, his darkness draws me in. Like a missing piece of my soul, it fills all the cracks, leaving me weak to his small mercies.

One touch at a time, he consumes me with a longing I’ve never felt. I’m aching for his kisses. Burning for his volatile affections.

Tomasz is poison.
Our love is a sin written in the stars.